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gods grace, gods loveValue Of A Soul

God’s Amazing Grace  is revealed around the world as men and women, boys and girls come to a saving knowledge of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His shed blood on the cross to save our souls.

Have you experienced God’s Amazing Grace in your life? If not this sermon can  save your soul!

The value of a soul

What would it profit a man/woman if he/she could gain the whole world, and lose his/her own soul?
Mark: 8-36

How valuable is the soul of a man, woman, boy or girl?

HOW MUCH IS A SOUL WORTH? Lets get personal– How much is a soul worth to YOU?

Is a soul worth a hundred dollars to you? Would you give a hundred dollars for a soul to be saved? would you??
Most of us would.

But how about a thousand dollars. Is a soul worth a thousand dollars to you?
You might say a thousands bucks is all I have to my name! I will still ask you is a soul worth a thousand dollars to you, and would you give it if you knew a soul could be saved?

Listen, I’m not saying money can save a soul- but it takes money to run churches, hold evangelistic crusades, and to send missionaries to far away lands.

It takes money for the Gospel to be proclaimed around the world.

There are still some areas in the world where people still have not heard the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a shame!

How about if you had a new car, would you give it away, or sell it if you knew by so doing- a soul could be saved? Is a soul worth that much to you?

Now lets get serious– How about your business, would you give it away or sell it and give the money away if you knew by so doing a soul would be saved?

You might say, preacher boy now your starting to get on my nerves, your starting to be a meddler. Perhaps I am, but I’m willing to be a meddler IF we can realize Gods amazing grace and  how valuable a soul really is!


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The Value Of A Man’s Soul Is Priceless

The soul, however, is a whole different story. Notice in the above verse what Jesus said. Clearly, Christ could not place a value on the worth of a man’s soul.

What is the value of a soul?

The value of the soul is beyond doubt. So what can any of us gain that is possibly worth putting the soul in jeopardy? Perhaps we are tempted by possessions and wealth.


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